ROS enhancements

Revenue eBrief No. 035/19

ROS enhancements

Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-06-01 ‘ROS Online Service (ROS)’ has been updated to reflect the following changes:

  • additional services available to employers in the Employer Services panel (Section 6.1)
  • new procedures for agents relating to ROS inbox notifications (Section 6.3).

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6 .1 Customer – My Services
When you log in to ROS you are on the My Services screen, and can access all ROS services from this screen. The ‘My Frequently Used Services’ allows you to select up to 9 frequently used services from a designated list. This functionality is available to ROS Administrator users and ROS sub cert users.

The ‘Employer Services’ panel is displayed to customers who are registered for Employers’ PAYE/PRSI. Services such as the PPS Number checker can be accessed from this panel. Additional services available to employers include a facility for employers to
(a) request RPNs,
(b) submit payroll,
(c) view a list of previous Statements of Account, or
(d) view the most recent Statement/Return.

Further information in relation to PAYE Modernisation can also be accessed from ‘Additional Services’

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6.3 Agent Notifications
Currently, each time Revenue issues a notification to customers’ and agents’ ROS Inboxes, an email issues to the nominated email addresses of those customers and agents.

With effect from 5th February 2019 and by the 5th of every subsequent month, Revenue will generate a Statement for every employer. The Statement will contain the totals due for Income Tax, PRSI, USC and LPT for all payroll submissions with a pay date in the reference month. As the Statements will be available by the 5th of each month and due to the potentially large volume of emails that could issue to some agents, Revenue have, from 1 February 2019, discontinued the practice of sending emails to agents when the Statement Notification is sent to ROS Inboxes. Agents should check their ROS Inbox on the 5th of each month or sign in to ROS to view the monthly statement for each employer that is linked to them.

Revenue will continue to send emails to employers where an email address has been provided.