Jobs and Pensions Service User Manual

Revenue eBrief No. 119/19

Tax and Duty Manual Part 42-04-64 – ‘Jobs and Pensions Service User Manual’ – has been updated with changes effective from 15 June 2019 including:  

  • updated screenshots
  • all taxable Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection income can be declared
  • customers can now cease their jobs within the ‘Jobs and Pensions’ online facility
  • amended USC references from 2018 to 2019
  • reference to Illness Benefit taxed by employers removed
  • reference to the Form P45 removed.


  1. Background

Jobs and Pensions is an online service that allows customers, or their agents, to register a new job or cease an existing job with Revenue. It is an employer’s obligation under the PAYE Regulations to register an employment, however the employee may wish to register their job/pension in advance particularly where they want to allocate credits and rate band to the new employment. If it is a customer’s first job/pension then they must register the job/pension themselves using the Jobs and Pensions service.

The Jobs and Pensions service is available in PAYE Services in myAccount for customers andin the Client Services tab in ROS for agents.

The information contained in Section 3 of this Tax and Duty manual outlines specificinformation for agents who want to add a job for their clients using Jobs and Pensions. The information in the remaining sections is relevant to both customers and agents using the service.

The Jobs and Pensions service should not be used to register a new job unless the old job has been ceased on Revenue’s record. If a new job is added before this information is updated, it will be treated as a second job. See Section 2.1.1 – Adding a second job.

Jointly assessed customers may be asked to provide information in relation to their spouse or civil partner.

Revenue will use any relevant information from the customer’s Revenue record and willonly ask for information where it is missing or may not be up to date.

Customers who are jointly assessed to tax will be able to register a job for their spouse or civil partner.