ROS Enhancements (April 2020)

Revenue eBrief No. 058/20

ROS Enhancements

The following ROS enhancements were implemented on 6 April 2020. Full details of the enhancements to ROS are set out in Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-06-01.

Customer/Agent update addresses in ROS

  • Functionality has been introduced to allow address updates in ROS.
  • Customers who are ROS Administrators can update their official and/or business addresses on the ROS profile tab.
  • Agents who are ROS Administrators can update their agent address and their clients’ official and/or business addresses via the client profile tab. Sub-user digital certificate holders who have been given “Amend Address” permissions can update their clients’ official and businesses addresses.
  • Companies can use this facility, but must also inform the Companies Registration Office of their address change.
  • ROS users with active VAT and/or PREM registrations are presented with an option to also update all their tax registration addresses.

Additional information is provided in section 6 of the Manual.

Revenue Record (Inbox)

The Revenue Record layout has been updated to include additional information on the VAT taxhead; to show the basis of accounting which is either Cash or Invoice.

Additional information is provided in section 13.1 of the Manual.