MyEnquiries – customer tracking of enquiries and other updates

Revenue eBrief No. 133/20

MyEnquiries – customer tracking of enquiries and other updates

MyEnquiries, Revenue’s online contact facility, has recently been upgraded and now enables customers and agents to track an enquiry and see where enquiries are being dealt with in Revenue.  Guidance on enquiry tracking is set out in the new TDM (37-00-36C).

The MyEnquiries manual Part 37-00-36 has also been re-structured and updated as follows:

  • the existing manual is split into 4 sub-parts including
    • how to access and register for MyEnquiries in myAccount, ROS or LPT (37-00-36A),
    • how to submit and manage enquiries (37-00-36B),
    • how to track progress on enquiries (37-00-36C), and
    • the output and replies to enquiries (37-00-36D).

Customers and agents are also reminded that they can flag an enquiry as ‘completed’ or ‘to do’ (37-00-36B paragraphs 1.2 and 2.2). 

Additional material on enquiries submitted by Customs agents is included (37-00-36B paragraphs 1.5).

A new manual (Part 37-00-14) sets out the new procedures for Revenue staff dealing with requests from the Personal Injuries Assessment Board; which are now submitted via MyEnquiries.