Revenue Receipts Tracker App and the Receipts Tracker in myAccount and ROS

Revenue eBrief No. 063/21

Revenue Receipts Tracker App and the Receipts Tracker in myAccount and ROS

Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-06-06 – Revenue Receipts Tracker App and the Receipts Tracker – has been updated as follows:

  • Instructions added for customers using Revenue Receipts Tracker App (RRTA)
  • Inclusion of Stay and Spend and Remote Working Relief categories
  • Instructions added for uploading receipt images and amending details entered
  • Screenshots updated throughout for RRTA and Receipts Tracker in myAccount.

Minor edits have also been made throughout for clarity purposes.


1 Background
Revenue Receipts Tracker is a free mobile app, to help you easily keep track and save certain receipts, images and expense details. You can record receipts relating to the following:
* Health, Medical, Dental and Nursing Home Expenses
* Remote Working Relief (for 2020 onwards)
* Rental Property Expenses
* Stay and Spend
* Trade or Business Expenses
* Other expenses and documents, for example tuition fees
The Revenue Receipts Tracker App (RRTA) provides an option to save and securely store receipts details and/or images to Revenue storage. The benefits of uploading your receipt images include not having to retain the original receipt images and details of your expenses, and the details are available to assist the completion of your income tax return (see section 4.1). If you chose not to save your receipt images
and details to Revenue storage, you must retain the original receipt for a period of 6 years.

You can also securely upload receipts details and/or images using the Receipts
Tracker in the web version in myAccount or ROS. Both can be accessed on
In order to claim any tax credits or reliefs due, as a result of receipts uploaded, an
Income Tax Return must be completed.

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Claiming a deduction for expenses