Guide to C&E Reports available through Revenue’s Online System (ROS)

Revenue eBrief No. 082/22

Guide to C&E Reports available through Revenue’s Online System (ROS)

Tax and Duty Manual C&E Tan Reports available on ROS has been updated to include details of a new weekly payment report available in Revenue Online Service (ROS) to Customs & Excise registered customers who are actively Importing/Exporting.


1 Introduction
1.1 Reports available on Revenue’s Online Service (ROS) for Customs & Excise (C&E) Traders

Once you are registered for C&E, you will automatically be assigned a C&E Trader Account Number (TAN account) which is the same as your C&E Registration Number. You automatically have a ‘Cash Account’ once registered for C&E and can operate on a cash basis without any authorisation being required.

To provide you with a view of the activity associated with your C&E Registration Number and TAN Account, the following reports are available to you on ROS:
* C&E TAN balance enquiry
* C&E payment reports
* C&E weekly declaration transaction list
* C&E monthly declaration and payment statement