Exempt goods (no VAT charged)

Transaction Type: Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Note

Example: Vocational training


  • Suppliers Name and address
  • Suppliers (your business) VAT Registration Number
  • Customers Name and address
  • Description of goods and services
  • Exempt VAT Rate to be used and the vat rate clearly identified on the Sales Invoice

Important, do not use your 0% vat rate for exempt sales. Use an exempt vat rate code separately identified from your 0% vat rate code. Otherwise, you cannot complete your VAT 3 and RTD returns correctly

If you sell other goods and services which are not exempt and are chargeable to VAT, ensure you itemise these with separately identifiable VAT codes and rates

Revenue Commissioners Tax Documents

VAT 3: (VAT Return)

Record the VAT amount of transactions only

Box T1

RTD: (Return of Trading Details)

Record the NET amount of transactions only Box E3

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