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Sales Invoicing at 0% (Zero percent)

Transaction Type: Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Note

There are many ways that VAT can be charged at rate of 0% (Zero)

You bookkeeping software need to identify and record the different Zero VAT rates to complete your VAT 3 and RTD returns correctly

Some of the Zero rates are:


You can’t claim the VAT charged to you by a supplier if they do not provide their VAT number on the Sales Invoice. So, you need to provide your VAT number on any Sales Invoices you create.

One of the main reasons for separating out all the different zero rates is to be able to complete the VAT 3 return and the RTD (Return of trading Details) document easily and successfully.

Revenue Commissioners Tax Documents

VAT 3: (VAT Return)

T1 and T2 Boxes Record the VAT amount of transactions only

E1 and ES1 Boxes Record the NET amounts of transactions only

RTD: (Return of Trading Details)

Record the NET amount of transactions only

Additional Information on Business to Business Sales Invoice and What information is required on a Sales Invoice visit this link


VAT 3 Return ROS online
VAT 3 Return ROS online
RTD Return of Trading Details
Return of Trading Details